Emergency preparedness and response

  • Authored¬†heat wave¬†plan that halved heat-adjusted mortality (Milwaukee)
  • Incident commander or command/general staff for H1N1 pandemic (Wisconsin); monkeypox and E. coli O157:H7 outbreaks, anthrax and food terrorism hoaxes, 9/11, Y2K (Milwaukee County); COVID-19 pandemic (Denver, CO)
  • Tsunami medical relief with Operation Combined Assistance in Banda Aceh, Indonesia (USN/PHS/Project Hope)
  • Designer/controller/evaluator of multi-jurisdiction internet-assisted pandemic exercises (Chicago area/Argonne National Lab)
  • Curriculum design/faculty for six-nation Asian public health emergency training 2006 (Singapore/US Dept. Of State)

2 thoughts on “Emergency preparedness and response

  1. Hi Seth,

    As a pandemic preparedness coordinator and now an emergency preparedness coordinator for our small two county health dept., I would be most interested in the pandemic exercise “lessons learned”. We function as a region here in the UP of Michigan as we are all small jurisdictions. Interagency coordination is key for us.

    • Carol, like most preparedness exercises, the major lessons for the involved agencies are summarized in After-Action Reports. Although I participated in the writing of these (for both ILLWIND and FLUNAMI exercises in 2006 and 7), they are actually the property of the Chicago Health Department. I do not know that they were publicly released. However, some artifacts related to the execution of the FLUNAMI exercise are available here and here (thanks, Google!). Argonne National Laboratory also released a public document on lessons learned from conducting these multi-jurisdictional exercises in real time using distance Internet communications. This report IS available for your reading pleasure at http://www.ipd.anl.gov/anlpubs/2008/02/60983.pdf .

      I believe after participating in SE Wisconsin’s multi-jurisdictional responses to E.coli O157:H7 and monkeypox outbreaks, you could author a pretty good guide to inter-jurisdictional response management already! All the best!

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